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Prof. Xijun HU

PhD, University of Queensland (1993)


(852) 2358 7134


(852) 2358 0054




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Research Area

Heterogeneous catalysis; Adsorption equilibrium and kinetics; Nanostructured materials; Wastewater treatment.

Research Interests

Environmental catalysis and reaction; nanomaterials; adsorption.

Current Research Activities

Development of heterogeneous nano-porous catalyst by chemical vapour deposition (CVD) and its application in wastewater treatment by catalytic wet oxidation, photo-oxidation; Nanocomposite particles of Fe/clay as catalyst for photo-Fenton reaction; Continuous wastewater treatment by catalytic wet oxidation using a trickle bed reactor; Modified MCM-41 materials for efficient storage and rapid release of hydrogen; Multicomponent adsorption equilibrium and kinetics in heterogeneous porous media; Characterization of microporous solids; fabrication of Meso-Structured Crystals for Electrical and Optical Applications.

Recent Publications

Zhang, Ying; Wong, Chi Ho; Shen, Junying; Sze, Sin Ting; Zhang, Bing; Zhang, Haijing; Dong, Yan; Xu, Hui; Yan, Zifeng; Li, Yingying; Hu, Xijun; Lortz, Rolf "Dramatic enhancement of superconductivity in single-crystalline nanowire arrays of Sn", Scientific Reports, v. 6, (32963), September 2016 (2016)


Jiale Huang, Mingyu Zhang, Jing Wang, Xijun Hu, Rafael Luquea and Frank L. Y. Lam "A comprehensive study on the effect of preparation methods for Au-core shell silica materials in room temperature oxidative amide formation", DOI: 10.1039/C4TA04574B (2015)


Frank Leung-Yuk Lam, Michael C.L. Li, Rock S.L. Chau, Rick A.D. Arancon, Xijun Hu and Rafael Luque "Catalysis at room temperature: perspectives for future green chemical processes", DOI: 10.1002/wene.141 (2015)


Sabbaghi, Aghil; Lam, Frank Leung Yuk; Hu, Xi-Jun "High Zr-loaded SBA-15 cobalt catalyst for efficient NOx reduction in lean-burn exhaust", Applied Catalysis A: General, v. 508, 1 November 2015, p. 25-36 (2015)


Sabbaghi, A.; Lam, F.L.Y.; Hu, X. "Zr-SBA-15 supported Ni catalysts for lean NOx reduction", Journal of molecular catalysis. A, Chemical, v. 409, 2015, p. 69-78 (2015)


Peng, Xiaoming ; Hu, Xijun; Fu, Dafang ; Lam, Frank L. Y. "Adsorption removal of acid black 1 from aqueous solution using ordered mesoporous carbon", Applied surface science v. 294, March 2014, p. 71-80 (2014)


He, Mingquan., Wong, Chi Ho., Tse, Pok Lam., Zheng, Yuan., Zhang, Haijing., Lam, Frank L.Y., Sheng, Ping., Hu, Xijun., Lortz, Rolf., ""Giant" Enhancement of the Upper Critical Field and Fluctuations above the Bulk Tc in Superconducting Ultrathin Lead Nanowire Arrays", ACS Nano. v. 7, (5), May 2013, p. 4187-4193 (2013)


Huang, Enrique Kwan., Cheung, Wai-Man., Chan, Ka-Wang., Lam, Frank Leung-Yuk., Hu, Xijun., Zhang, Qian-Feng., Williams, Ian D., Leung, Wa-Hung., "Alkylruthenium Complexes Containing Polypyridyl Ligands: Synthesis, Characterization, and Immobilization on Silica", European journal of inorganic chemistry. (16), June 2013, p. 2893-2899 (2013)


Chen, B. ; Ye, T. ; Shao, Y. ; Zhang, J.; Zhong, Q. ; Hu, X.; Zhang, W. ; Yu, B. "Association between copy-number variations of the human histamine H4 receptor gene and atopic dermatitis in a Chinese population", Clinical and experimental dermatology v. 38, (3), April 2013, p. 295-301 (2013)


Chen, Sheng., Xing, Wei., Duan, Jingjing., Hu, Xijun., Qiao, Shi Zhang., "Nanostructured morphology control for efficient supercapacitor electrodes", Journal of Materials Chemistry A: Materials for energy and sustainability. v. 1, (9), 2013, p. 2941-2954 (2013)


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Current Thesis Students

Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Student Name: Amrita CHATTERJEE
Program: Doctor Candidate in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Abstract Title: Functional materials for organic transformation from carbohydrates to furan based compounds

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Student Name: Qiqi DING
Program: Doctor Candidate in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Abstract Title: Discoloration and mineralization of organic pollutants with photocatalyst

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Student Name: Cong LI
Program: Doctor Candidate in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (Nanotechnology Concentration)
Abstract Title: Controllable synthesis of highly effective catalyst for photoelectrocatalytic hydrogen evolution reaction

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Student Name: Yingying LI
Program: Doctor Candidate in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Abstract Title: Aerobic oxidation of benzyl alcohol by noble metal catalysts

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Student Name: Hoi Wun LUI
Program: Master Candidate in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (Energy Technology Concentration)
Abstract Title: Development of heterogeneous metal catalysts for catalytic wet air oxidation of electroplating industrial effluents

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