Faculty List

Full Name:

Prof. Carol S K LIN

Adjunct Assistant Professor
PhD, The University of Manchester


(852) 2358 0054




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Research Area

Bioprocessing, Energy and Environment

Recent Publications

Koutinas, A., Lin, C S K., Du, C., Webb, C., "Whole-crop Biorefinery", Sustainable Bioenergy Production. / Edited by Wang Lijun. Greensboro, USA: CRC Press Taylor and Francis Group, 2014 (2014)


Arancon, Rick Arneil D., Lin, Carol Sze Ki., Vargas, Carolina., Luque, Rafael., "To be or not to be metal-free: trends and advances in coupling chemistries", Organic & biomolecular chemistry. v. 12, (1), January 2014, p. 10-35 (2014)


Lin, Carol Sze Ki., Luque, Rafael., "Renewable Resources and Biorefineries", Renewable Resources and Biorefineries. / Lin Carol Sze Ki, Luque Rafael. Cambridge, United Kingdom: Royal Society of Chemistry, 2014 (2014)


Koutinas, A., Du, C., Lin, C S K., Webb, C., "Developments in Cereal-based Biorefineries", Advances in biorefineries: Biomass and waste supply chain exploitation. / Edited by Keith W. Waldron. Woodhead Publishing Limited, 2014 (2014)


Lin, Carol Sze Ki., Luque, Rafael., Webb, Colin., "Building a Biobased Economy: A Global Perspective", Building a Biobased Economy: A Global Perspective. / Lin Carol Sze Ki, Luque Rafael, Webb Colin. Florida: CRC Press - Taylor & Francis Group, 2014 (2014)


Pleissner, Daniel., Lin, Carol Sze Ki., "Valorisation of Food Waste in Biotechnological Processes", Sustainable Chemical Processes. v.1, (1), 2013, Dec (2013)


Zhang, A.Y.-Z., Sun, Z., Leung, C.C.J., Han, W., Lau, K.Y., Li, M., Lin, C.S.K., "Valorisation of bakery waste for succinic acid production", Green chemistry. v. 15, (3), 2013, p. 690-695 (2013)


Melikoglu, Mehmet., Lin, Carol Sze Ki., Webb, Colin., "Stepwise Optimisation of Enzyme Production in Solid State Fermentation of Waste Bread Pieces", Food and Bioproducts Processing. v.91, (4), 2013, Oct, p.638-646 (2013)


Lam, Wan Chi., Pleissner, Daniel., Lin, Carol Sze Ki., "Production of Fungal Glucoamylase for Glucose Production from Food Waste", Biomolecules. v.3, (3), 2013, Sept, p.651-661 (2013)


Martelli, S.M., Lin, C.S.K., Sun, Z., Berezin, N., Fakhouri, F.M., Innocentini-Mei, L.H., "Natural Rubber Blends with Biopolymers", Natural Rubber Materials: Volume 1: Blends and IPNs. \ Edited by Thomas S., Chan, C., Pothen, L., Rajisha, K.R., Hanna, M. Cambridge, United Kingdom: The Royal Society of Chemistry, 2013, p.349-369 (2013)


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